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Welcome to the DRAGON BLOX Wiki![]

Dragon Blox (formerly Super Saiyan Simulator 2) is a ROBLOX game made to entertain and immerse players in a virtual world based off Dragon Ball Z.

Update 8.5!

[Update 8.5 is now live! Enjoy everyone & Stay hydrated!]

  • Christmas Holiday Event (Holiday Vanity drops!)
  • Trading Feature (Only trade in zafezones!)
  • New Quest Giver Feature (Available in all zones!)
  • All Bosses in Main Word now fly has default
  • Special Quest Board (2 in 1 quest!)
  • Changed Shop Items availability
  • Mobs system Improvement
  • Patched minor issues
  • Give the user G4edyd the halo of golden angel-the headband of broly-hand clothes-baby veggy mask-trunks clothes-zamas clothes, any of those options are valid, if they do it automatically will give them the ultra instinct, new way to get it, go take advantage of it guys. (Dale al usuario G4edyd el halo de ángel dorado-la diadema de broly-hand clothes-baby veggy mask-trunks clothes-zamas clothes, cualquiera de esas opciones son válidas, si lo hacen automáticamente les dará el ultra instinto, nueva forma de conseguirlo, vayan a aprovecharlo chicos).

Trabajamos duro día y noche para ti, la actualización 9 ya está en progreso, pronto podrás disfrutarla. (¡Nunca olvides mantenerte hidratado!)

Npinoy_RBLX - G4edyd

(2) [¡🔥 5X POWER!] Dragón Blox - Roblox

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